From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison

Jerry Monk Regional Manager

It’s Been A Great Ride

When I came to Florida in July 2010 and became the Regional Manager I was excited and nervous taking on such a challenge. I had come from two small Associations and we had been somewhat successful there but wasn’t sure if we could do so here. But with your help we together had success. The first four years we gained over 4000 members. We had a small hiccup in the fifth year when we changed to the Territory Manger system we are under now. But thanks to you and your hard work we have had gains every year since.

After 8 great years I felt it was time to make a change I was given the opportunity to go back to work with two of the small Associations I had before, Alabama and Georgia. Also added to the mix is the Mississippi Association. It is like going back home in a way. I am once again looking forward to the challenge, and once again I am excited and nervous just like when I came to Florida.

I want to thank each and every one who has helped me along the way for the last eight years. This is my last article as Liaison for the Association. Larry Cundiff will be taking the helm at this convention and I am sure you will give him the same support you gave me. Larry is a true Moose and I wish him well and will assist him in any way I can through the transition.

This is not a farewell since I will still be residing in Florida and will attend the conventions and conferences as time allows.

Once again Connie and I both want to thank you for the great ride it has been. God Bless Mooseheart, Moosehaven and most of all God bless you all.


From the President

FBMA President

2018 is upon us, our goals are set… Let us show the world, we are the Heart of the Community!

Centennial Project’s $800,000 commitment: Our focus has been on completing our 3-year commitment this year. It is within our reach! Our membership has been generous even with the challenges of Irma. We are not there yet, but I am hopeful to be there by the time we reach New Orleans.

The Moosehaven Bus $125,000 Commitment: We are struggling to earmark funds for this venture. As we go forward, a new focus will bring this goal to fruition. Members will for the first time be able to make a donation while registering on-line for the Mid-Year Conference. I challenge each District President to form a committee and fundraise for the Moosehaven Bus Project.

Special Olympics of Florida: As Moose International has decided not to continue to sponsor the National Softball Tournaments, we changed our focus to our own Florida programs. I challenge each of you to go out and support the thousands of volunteer coaches and athletes by volunteering at events, or just cheering from the stands. If your lodge and chapter would like to donate funds, you can still send the money to the FBMA earmarked for Special Olympics and the FBMA will forward them.

The Florida Sherriff's Youth Ranch is again right in our own backyard. During our Full Board Meeting at Moosehaven in January, I was proud to hand Chairman Frank Kenny a check for over $22,000 to cover the cost of t-shirts for the kids that participate in the FSYR Summer Youth Camps. This would not have been possible without the efforts of our membership and especially our Moose Riders Activity Groups.

As we strive to be the Heart of the Community with donations and volunteerism, we all know there is strength in numbers. Our Membership Team has been hard at work and we are approaching a milestone we have not seen in many years. As of January 31, the FBMA sits at 74,656 Active Members. Chairman Fred Scott has made it known our goal before April 30 is to be over 75,000. We are so close. Just a little effort with the expired and some new member production and we should be able to reach that goal. As we honor our community heroes, First Responders get their first year’s dues for free. Make those phone calls, keep the members we have, invite new members and let’s hit that goal!

And finally, FLAMINGO ! Florida Day is set for March 25, at Moosehaven. It would be awesome to see some of the over one hundred Flamingos at the Florida Building for a photo opportunity. The Flock should meet up around 11 AM. After the picture the birds can travel home and be displayed at Lodges or members’ homes. If your bird cannot make the trip, share pictures with me on Facebook. “W Scott Duncan”.

Proud to be a part of the Florida Bermuda Moose Association

Fraternally Yours, W. Scott Duncan, 2017-18 FBMA President

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