From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison

Jerry Monk Regional Manager


As I sit here today writing this article it is June 14, Flag Day. It makes me realize how lucky I am to live in the greatest country in the world. It also makes me think of the brave men and women who have served to protect this flag and the rights we have as Americans. Now is the time for us to return the favor to these men and women who protect and serve not only in the armed forces but our law enforcement and all first responders by giving them the gift of membership in our great fraternity.

We also should honor all of our community heroes by inviting the doctors, nurses, teachers, etc. to join. Remember our campaign “Moose Honoring Community Heroes”, I am sure that each of us knows at least one person we consider a community hero so let’s get them sponsored into the Moose.

We had a successful year in membership for the 2016-17 year, now can we duplicate it this year. If we all honor our oath we took when we joined we can have a banner year. Remember that your oath was to strengthen our order by sponsoring qualified friends relatives and associates. Our combined membership, LOOM and WOTM is over 132,000, just think how we could grow if we each sponsored just one new member this year.

Another part of our oath was to support Mooseheart and Moosehaven by giving of our energy and substance in support of these two communities. We have been doing a great job but we can do more. Please consider a donation to the Moosehaven Centennial Project to help the FBMA commitment complete. Every donation made to Moose Charities and earmarked for this project will go toward our commitment and will be a tax deductible contribution for you. Just make sure the checks are mad payable to Moose Charities and earmarked properly.

I am looking forward to seeing all of you at the annual convention in September where we will be honoring our 12 new Pilgrims at the State Wide Presentation on Friday September 15th. You will have an opportunity to meet all and be in the audience to honor them.

Thanks for all you do and God Bless Mooseheart and Moosehaven.


From the President

FBMA President

Hello Moose members, I am hoping this information is used by all lodges. Good luck to all the new officers in the lodges and chapters. Since I’m a little late getting a personal note to Joan for the Courier I have decided to inform you about a change to the “Honoring Community Heroes Program”.

Active Military/First Responders Promotion Extended and Expanded
The Moose Fraternity has adopted the theme “Honoring Community Heroes” for the 2017-18 campaign year. One of the three core missions of the Moose is to become the “Heart of the Community” and this year’s theme provides focus for these efforts as we recognize not only our own contributions, but those by others as well.

In January 2017, the Moose started offering first-year memberships at no cost to some core community heroes— first responders and active military members—on a limited trial. Because of the success of that initial offering, and the continued focus on community, Moose International has extended that program through the end of December, and has added two categories—National Guard members and border patrol officers—to the list of included responders. These individuals bring three things to the Moose that are desperately needed: a shared commitment to serving others; a youthful, energetic viewpoint that can reinvigorate our fraternal units; and the potential to step into leadership positions within our lodges, chapters and Moose Legions.

Keys items to note:

1. The promotional program has been extended to December 31, 2017;

2. All original categories in the Active Military/ First Responders Program are still eligible;

3. National Guard members and border patrol officers may be added AFTER May 1, 2017;

4. Make sure you are conducting orientation programs and inviting all new members to participate in lodge/chapter activities;

5. Don’t stop inviting qualified candidates in other fields to join the Moose. Even though fees and dues apply to these groups, adding members will make your lodge/chapter stronger.

Take the time over the next several months to identify individuals and organizations that step up in your community and invite them to join. The Moose cannot have enough members who recognize the benefits of giving to others and supporting causes purely because it’s the right thing to do.

Billy Catlow
President, FBMA


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