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From the Territory Manager/FBMA Liaison
Jerry Monk Regional Manager

Moose Raise The Roof

I trust all had a safe Christmas and New Year. We are entering the last 4 months of the Moose Year and we need to finish strong.

We must make sure our Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions are doing all they can to grow their membership by encouraging our current members to sponsor new applicants. We must also ensure our Retention and Recovery teams are working every month contacting those members in arrears and don’t forget to contact those who have not yet renewed for that current month. A gentle reminder sometimes is all it takes.

Membership Chairman Fred Scott has put together a short term campaign to help close out the year on a positive note and to help our lodges to be “Plus 1” on April 30, 2017. Look for the flyer in this issue of the Courier.

Now is the time to be looking forward to our Mid Year in April. If you have not made your reservations do it soon as in the past few times the Rosen Plaza has sold out fast. You should also be looking forward to the International Convention in Tampa. The last time we were in Tampa our Association had 100% of our lodges represented and I see no reason we can’t do this again.

We are at a critical time in the history of the Moose. Our membership continues to drop and we the current members are the only ones that can reverse this trend. We need your help to continue as an organization that is dedicated to children and seniors. We must make our lodge homes the best place to go by cleaning up not only our buildings and grounds, but our attitudes and language in our Social Quarters too. We must also consider making our lodge homes a smoke free place. I know that sentence is going to upset some but how do we continue to call ourselves the Family Fraternity when most people with young children do not want to go where there is smoke. Less than 20% of the population smokes so why do we continue to focus on that segment of the population rather than the 80% plus that do not. Think about it and consider going smoke free.

Thank you for all you do and keep Mooseheart and Moosehaven in your prayers for their future service to humanity.


From the President
FBMA President

Hello Moose Family,

I would like to thank and congratulate Fred Van Norstram on a job well done as President of the FBMA for 2015, 2016 year. With Fred’s leadership the FBMA reached its goals for Moosehaven, Mooseheart and The Florida Sheriff Youth Ranches. I personally want to thank Fred for mentoring me as I moved from Assistant Outer Guard all the way to President of the FBMA. Thank you Fred. I’m sure Fred will continue to mentor new members and those that wish to move up in degrees. Just as Fred has mentored Moose members along the way, is it possible you know someone that could use some help/mentoring to advance to a higher degree or just help them understand what the Moose is about? Think about it, when you received your Moose Legionnaire Degree or Academy of Friendship Degree there was someone there helping you along the way and I’ll bet you are friends now. As you climb to the next degree look around, it is more than likely someone there is waiting for someone like you to help them advance in the Moose. When you see someone in a Moose Legionnaire, Fellowship or a Pilgrim Blazar you can bet they had Mentors helping them along the way. It’s not likely they got there alone. As for the WOTM it’s harder to move up a degree, mentors are a big part and Co-Workers working together make it happen. Be a Mentor, it helps the Moose grow and builds strong leadership.

This past year the FBMA started a new fund raising project, The Moosehaven Centennial Project which is to construct a new building that will house all the traditional residents of Moosehaven in one place. This is good for the residents and the staff as well. The residents will all be housed in the same building making new friends. They will be able to eat, play together and receive better assistance from the Moosehaven staff. Our goal is attainable, let’s hold 50/50’s, Bake Sales, Car Shows or anything your imagination can think of to raise money. We all must remember “A burden heavy to one, is born lightly by many”. Be a proud Moose member and remember to have fun in all you do. I thank you all for this opportunity to be the President of the FBMA for 2016, 2017. I will do my best.

Billy Catlow
President, FBMA

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