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Jacksonville Beach Lodge 1558
donated a Cop in the Box to the Jacksonville Beach Police Department.

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From the Regional Manager
Jerry Monk Regional Manager

It is hard to believe that we are in the final two months of the Moose Year, and what a year it has been so far. For the first time in 20 + years the LOOM membership in Florida surpassed Ohio, but the question is can we stay there. I know that with your help we can and will do it.

Now is the time for each of our Lodges, Chapters and Moose Legions to be assessing where they are in obtaining the goals they set on May 1, 2013. Will you have a gain in active members? Will you have sent more money to Moose Charities than the year before? Will you reduce the amount of money owed Moose International on your account? Many may say it is too late in the year to be doing this, but I say it is never too late to be a success. If you are missing one or more of these elements just buckle down and get the job done.

It is nomination and election time for our lodges so Governors, get a copy of the Election Handbook and the General Laws and read them so there is no confusion and you have a successful election process and everyone is happy. It is much easier to do it right the first time than to have to do it over. IF you have any questions call. Along those same lines there is plenty of LOS training going on right now so there is absolutely no excuse for someone not to be trained as an officer. Even if you are not planning to serve as an officer this year go anyway, it’s free, and we know how much moose members like free.

I am looking forward to the Mid Year. We have two great Official Visitors this time. Supreme Prelate Terry Walls and Jan Fregulia, Executive Director of Moose Charities. I am so happy that these two will be her to see our great Association in action. IF you have not made your plans to be there do it now. You do not want to miss out on any of the fund, fellowship and education. We are having several breakout sessions this time, I am not sure what we have in store for Fun Night on Thursday but I do know we will have fun. We will of course have Texas Hold Em Poker, the Past Presidents Bottle Spin and hopefully Show Me The Money. We will have karaoke and maybe some Moose Trivia.

It’s not too early to be making your reservations for Las Vegas for the International Convention. In case you forgot the debut of the documentary film that Erik Estrada has been filming will take place. This is going to be a fun and exciting International Convention so let’s make sure we have a big turnout from the FBMA.

I want to thank each and every one of you for all you do for your Lodge, Chapter, Moose Legion, District, Association, Mooseheart, Moosehaven, your community and our Fraternity.

See you soon,

Uncle Jerry

From the President
FBMA President

First, I would like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to serve you as President of our Association for the upcoming year. I am looking forward to a great year fulfilling our commitments, showing a gain in membership and retaining the members that we already have. I know with commitment from the Executive Committee, Lodges, Chapters, Moose Legions, Councils of Higher Degree and Districts we can get this done.

We have a lot on our plates for the upcoming year. We have our commitments to the computer class at the Mooseheart School, the resident bus and the IN2L program for Moosehaven. Also, the Student Congress will be held in Florida 2015. I would like to thank last year’s District Presidents and Association Chairman for the great job that was done this past year. I know this year’s District Presidents and Association Chairman will do a great job as well. I asked the District Presidents at the Annual Convention: What is the average number of members that attend their district meetings? The average was about 65 members per meeting. We have 28 districts, each holds 12 meetings per year totaling 336 meetings per year. The point is, we share too much valuable information to our members and need to have better attendance. If we could encourage new members, our lodge officers and committee men to attend this would help to build our attendance at our district meetings.

Here are some important dates to remember for the upcoming year: Florida Days at Moosehaven will be held March 23; Mid-Year Conference at the Rosen Plaza April 3,4,5,6; International Convention will be held in Las Vegas June 20-25. You can go online to make your reservations now. Our Annual Convention at the Rosen Plaza will be Sept. 4,5,6,7. I would like to thank Junior Past President Lynn Klein for the commitment and job he did last year for our Fraternity and Association. Good luck to you in your future endeavors.

I hope that everyone has a “Safe” and “Wonderful” Holiday Season. Remember to have fun while providing greater service to our Fraternity.

Richard B. Jones